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Why aren’t more Aussies heading overseas?

Why aren’t more Aussies heading overseas?

There are plenty of reasons that Aussies haven’t headed overseas, and with some surveys estimating that 40 per cent have never been overseas, the reasons tend to be the same across the board.

ABC Life have asked a select group of Aussies as to why they’ve never headed overseas.

Psychologist Meredith Fuller says that work, family and other responsibilities are to blame.

"And some people just don't have the money," she says.

"We make an assumption it's so easy to travel, but depending on your financial situation, it's a big expense."

That’s the case for 49-year-old Alison Whittaker. She was 30-years-old when she left NSW for the first time. The idea of leaving again hasn’t been on the cards since.

"My fear probably comes from my naivety."

Fuller agrees.

"People who are very habitual and like a routine … don't want to give over to the loss of control.

"Take Tasmania, for example. There are a lot of people who have never left Launceston or never left Hobart."

Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Tasmania has the lowest proportion of overseas travellers in 2016.

"The idea of going from one end to the other is just too big, it's too unknown, too much [for some people]."

For others, they just don’t see the point.

"Some people just aren't interested, it doesn't hold appeal," Ms Fuller says.

"They are not as curious about other cultures, other places, they literally don't have that curiosity gene in them."

This is the case for Brisbane’s Joseph Jurek, 23.

"Most of my friends have been somewhere, but after listening to the stories, it just all sounds the same," he says.

"I don't see the point."

Fuller outlines that this way of thinking is fine.

"Everyone doesn't have to travel … just like some people aren't interested in sport.

"And if you aren't interested in travelling and you have travelling friends giving you a hard time, it's very hard to defend your position.

"We need to respect different people's opinions."