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Tue, 9 Oct, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Weather warning: "Dangerous" supercell storms brewing

Weather warning: "Dangerous" supercell storms brewing

Yesterday, meteorologists issued a warning for severe “storm outbreaks”, known as supercells, which will include drenching rains, hail and fierce winds along the east coast of Australia.

The wild weather is expected to move from Rockhampton to Brisbane in Queensland and carry over to New South Wales.

“An area of low pressure is moving through south east Australia bringing showers but even before it arrives we already have a storm outbreak across south east Queensland and NSW,” Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Mr Saunders said.

However, experts have warned that the recent storms have led to more “organised” storms, called supercells.

Supercells are rotating systems that are known for bringing heavier, rain, more damaging winds and larger hail.

The BOM describes supercells as thunderstorms that can have the most destructive impact and have a habit of lasting for longer periods of time.

The BOM has forecast that up to 35mm of rain could fall on Brisbane today, with a further 60mm expected for the four following days.

“On Thursday, the system will head further north and west bringing showers and storms for central Queensland,” said Mr Saunders.

In Sydney, up to 20mm of rain could fall up to and over the weekend with occasional sunny spells.

Canberra will also be hit with showers, with up to 30mm expected to fall on residents.

Australians on the west coast of Australia will also need to prepare for umbrella weather over the next few days.

Perth is expected to be hit with showers later today and on the weekend, particularly on Saturday.

Melbourne is expected to have relief from the grey skies for the next few days, however, the city could receive up to 20mm of rain on the weekend.

Hobart will have similar conditions but see less rain on the weekend.

Meteorologists expect Adelaide to see a dry week but there’s a risk of rain falling on the weekend.

In Darwin, it is forecast to be sunny and 35C with possible storms on the weekend.

Despite the recent wet weather, meteorologists have said that the drought is still far from over.

Australia is now on “El Nino alert”, meaning that there is an increased chance of drier conditions around the country.