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Thu, 11 Oct, 2018Jim Mitchell

The huge change for Qantas passengers

The huge change for Qantas passengers

The march towards a completely paper-free life continues with Qantas announcing that it won’t be necessary to print a boarding pass on domestic flights if you have used the check-in option online.

You’ll just need your digital copy on your phone which will be scanned at the boarding gate. This will save you time as you prepare for your flight, taking away the need to go to check-in counters for your boarding pass.

Angus Kidman, editor-in-chief of comparison site, was about to board a flight from Melbourne to Sydney this week when he realised that the change had been implemented, according to

“It certainly helps speed up the boarding process, which is good news when you’re on a crowded service,” he said.

Reiterating Kidman’s experience, a Qantas spokesman said that the initiative had been implemented to make for a smoother flying experience.

“Passengers on domestic flights who have checked in online and have a digital boarding pass will no longer receive a printed boarding slip at the gate,” said the spokesman.

“The removal of printed boarding slips at the gate will speed up the boarding process and help us improve our on-time performance.”

Kidman said that Qantas had lagged behind other airlines who haven’t required boarding passes for some time, and noted that due to the growth of mobile check-ins, the International Air Transit Association had removed the requirement of printed boarding passes.

“Having one less scrap of paper in my wallet is certainly welcome,” he said.

Printed boarding passes had already been dropped for international travellers at Australian airports in August.

The measure has sped up international flight boarding said Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge in a statement, with almost three-in-four travellers being screened though automatic SmartGates, according to

“These increasing volumes mean we are always looking for ways to clear legitimate travellers efficiently and seek out those of interest to law enforcement,” he said.

But if you’re travelling domestically with Qantas and have a QFF membership card to board, or have a seat change since boarding, you’ll still need a printed boarding pass.

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