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“I never knew this”: Simple road rules quiz sparks debate amongst drivers

“I never knew this”: Simple road rules quiz sparks debate amongst drivers

A simple road rules question has left drivers stunned as it’s sparked a heated debate online.

A picture of a truck and a motorcycle at an intersection was posted on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Facebook page and asked the audience which vehicle has right of way.

In the picture, both vehicles are at the intersection with the truck behind a stop sign and the motorcycle facing the give way sign.

The Department baited their audience with the caption “You know your road rules and now’s your chance to prove it.”

“The truck is facing a 'Stop' sign and the motorcycle is facing a 'Give Way' sign at the intersection. Who must give way?”

Many drivers thought that the truck should give way as it is facing a stop sign and is required to come to a complete stop before moving. This would then give the motorcycle time to move forward through the intersection.

“The truck must give way!,” one user wrote. “Because the compulsory stop sign is also a give way sign too, except that ''stop'' has more traffic force than the give way sign on its own.”

“I would have thought the truck should give way as he has to come to a complete stop,” another person added.

However, one person argued that the motorcycle gives way to the truck.

“Motorcycle gives way to the truck. When I was working, I encountered this scenario daily. Almost every day I gave up waiting for the vehicle who has right of way to move, so I would end up just going (I was in the bikes position),” one person commented.

Another person argued that both have to give way.

“Both have to give way,” they commented.

“The bike should slow down and give way to ensure the truck will stop and then proceed once the truck has stopped and out of gear.”

The Department quickly posted the correct answer.

“The answer is that the motorcycle must give way to the truck,” the Department wrote.

“A stop sign is not more powerful than a give way sign.

“When two motorists arrive at stop or give way signs, the signs cancel each other out and the normal give way rules apply. Under these rules, if a motorist is travelling straight ahead, they must give way to any vehicle approaching from the right.

“The motorcycle must give way to the truck because the truck is on their right.”

Commenters were shocked with the result.

“I got run over by the truck,” one commenter joked.

“Why would you make such a confusing road rule?” another user posted.

Others said that they are scared with the answers as they are on the road with the drivers who got the answer right.

“I am scared with some of the answers on here I cannot believe that some people have a license and are on the road,” one comment reads.

“These questions are a perfect opportunity to take down names - revoke licenses and force refresher courses on drivers,” another said.

“Scary to think they drive among us.”

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