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Get set for another washout: “Intense” rain and storm on the way

Get set for another washout: “Intense” rain and storm on the way

Australia could face up to a week of intense wet weather as a possible tropical cyclone which arose from the dead in Queensland is bringing in a “big storm event”.

“It’s going to be pretty intense with major thunderstorms expected, many severe,” said Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

The cities which are predicted to be affected are Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane along with places in northern Queensland.

It is said that the cities could all be facing up to 50mm or more of rain.

As cyclone Owen passed Port Douglas and Cairns, the two cities saw a downpour of rain with Cairns being hit with 170mm and Port Douglas with 300mm.

And while many assume the ex-tropical cyclone had died down, it may come back to life once more.

Termed a “zombie cyclone”, the system gained strength once more as it made its way towards the Gulf of Carpentaria.

“The system is not giving up anytime soon. It could intensify, and it could easily become a tropical cyclone as it swings back into Queensland with more rain to come,” said Mr Sharpe.

Showers are expected to hit Sydney throughout the week, with temperatures reaching tops of 24C on Tuesday and 28C on Wednesday.

But towards the southern areas of New South Wales, things start to become a lot more intense.

“From Wednesday an upper level cold pool will sweep up across south east Australia and with that low-pressure system forming there will be heavy rain, thunderstorms and gusty winds,” said Mr Sharpe.

“There will be a big rain and storm even in the south east.”

A storm is expected to hit Canberra on Thursday, with up to 55m of rain predicted to hit the capital city.

Melbourne is set to have a warm day with Wednesday reaching a maximum of 34C. But the beach weather ends there, as starting from Thursday, showers are expected for the next four days.

Hobart will see the hottest day of the week on Wednesday with tops of 28C but will be hit with rain towards the middle of the week.

Adelaide will remain fairly dry, but experts advise to still keep an umbrella handy as leading up to the weekend, the city may be hit with a few showers.

But despite most of the country seeing downpours of rain, Perth remains extremely dry, with Friday reaching a maximum of 36C.

Darwin is expected to see storms starting from midweek onwards.