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Get ready to melt: Once in a decade summer scorcher set to hit

Get ready to melt: Once in a decade summer scorcher set to hit

With the average temperature of Adelaide during December being 27C, yesterday's scorching heat broke all records as the CBD reached tops of 40.1C.

And now, the heat is travelling towards Melbourne with experts warning of a “summer scorcher” over the next few days.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) this occurs once every five to 10 years, where temperatures soar to extreme levels at the start of summer.

In contrast, the forecast for Queensland is wet weather ahead, with a cyclone prediction for the Sunshine state. Cyclone Owen could possibly cause flash flooding of up to 200mm.

“Already across South Australia it was a hot day on Wednesday. For the next 24 hours that will spread right across the south east of the country,” said Tom Saunders, meteorologist for Sky News Weather.

“We are expecting the hottest weather since last summer with temperatures about 15C above average for some parts, a heatwave across the Murray basin with heat lingering and severe fire dangers.

“It’s only the first week of summer but a summer scorcher is developing.”

Adelaide may reach 37C today with Port Augusta predicted to go up to 42C. Melbourne will see tops of 38C while those living in Mildura are preparing for a heatwave, with temperatures remaining above 40C up till Sunday.

The Victorian Government has advised people stay hydrated as they have labelled the warm weather as “extreme heat".

According to Mr Saunders, the heat was a direct result of a high-pressure system in the Tasman Sea: “High pressure systems blow anticlockwise around highs; that means a northerly air stream that brings hot air from the northern interior right down towards the south-east.”

Victoria is on high alert, as strong winds on Friday may result in severe fires throughout the north-west. The fire danger for those in Melbourne is very high rather than severe.

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