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Courtney Allan

Experience the magic: Uluru transformed by Field of Light installation

Experience the magic: Uluru transformed by Field of Light installation

Understandably, when people think of an artistic light show within Australia, they think of Vivid, which uses Sydney Harbour as its canvas and lights up the city for a short period of time in winter.

However, there’s a new light installation that’s turning heads with an iconic Australian landmark as its background.

Field of Light by artist Bruce Munro is spread out at the base of Uluru. The amazing light installation is made up of more than 50,000 glass orbs that are elevated on handcrafted stems. The installation is spread over an area the size of nine football fields and must be seen to be believed.

The installation travelled a fair way to get to Uluru. The whole installation weighs 15 tonnes and was transported more than 19,000 kilometres across 32 domestic and international flights to make its way to the middle of Australia.

As the artist lives in the UK, getting it here was no easy task.

Another cool part about the installation is that it’s powered by solar. The spheres are connected by glowing optical fibre and begin to light up as the night falls and the stars begin to come out over Uluru.

The bulbs slowly begin to change colours, which then creates a field of light.

Instead of being amongst the crowds like you would at Vivid, you’ll mostly find yourself alone as you explore this massive art installation in the middle of Australia.

The Field of Light installation has been extended until the end of 2020, much to the delight of the artist.

“I am greatly moved and humbled by the enormous response to the artwork,” Munro explained in a statement.

“It’s obvious the combination of the exhibition and a canvas as visceral as this — flourishing from red dirt and tufts of spinifex, in the shadows of nature’s biggest shape-shifter, Uluru, is immensely powerful to people.”