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“Excessive”: $344 parking fine sparks controversy among locals

“Excessive”: $344 parking fine sparks controversy among locals

A $344 parking fine has caused dismay among a NSW community who believed the “excessive” ticket should not have been handed out. 

A motorist in Newtown, Sydney was given a $344 fine for parking within ten metres of an intersection with no traffic lights. 

The black sedan was parked in a zone where there was no marked signs to indicate he couldn’t park there. 

"Sorry for this person who got this ticket, but shouldn't there be sign there saying no parking?" the man wrote in a post that has since gone viral.

"And ten metres seems excessive."

The driver was parked on a suburban street in central Newtown, near Erskineville road, on Angel Street. 

" That's the law," one man replied.

"Ah…. this is the law. It was widely publicised when they introduced it," another woman agreed.

"It's also dangerous for other road users and pedestrians to park that close to an intersection so fair call on the fine, in my opinion."

"There's someone who repeatedly parks like this at the top of the street I live in," another woman commented.

"It's so bloody irritating and freaking dangerous given it's right near a school."

However, other members in the community took to the side of the motorist, arguing rangers in the area were not consistent with charging people for illegal parking. 

"It seems they are not consistent with it," the driver replied. 

He said a parked car near his home was also in "violation" but didn’t receive a fine.

"(It) might be the law but also means with this rule there is even less parking around for inner west residents and visitors," another woman said.

"Ten metres is excessive, that would mean you could fit three cars on a Newtown street rather than nine," one woman insisted.

"Rangers only enforce it sporadically, I've seen cars that are creating an actual traffic hazard left alone, and others that are completely out of the way of anything given tickets. Who knows," another man said.

"Ten metres is a lot further than most people realise," someone else responded.

Road laws are particularly complex in NSW, and it is no wonder motorists are confused by the rules. 

According to RMS, drivers are not permitted to park within ten metres of an intersection without lights. 

However, there are exceptions to the rule, including when there is a sign permitting drivers to park there and motorists are allowed to park on the continuous side of an intersection of T-intersection.