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Tue, 8 Jan, 2019Courtney Allan

5 days of rain set to smash this city – what's in store for your town?

5 days of rain set to smash this city – what's in store for your town?

Although some of us might be recovering from the heatwave on the weekend, it’s a good idea to get out your umbrellas. It’s forecasted that this week is going to be bucketing down as it’s expected that most of Australia should be prepared for the oncoming rain.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Diana Eadie told Daily Mail Australia:

“Queensland is at most significant risk and we're expecting bursts of very heavy rainfall.”

This is due to Cyclone Penny moving into Queensland on Wednesday evening. It’s expected that Cyclone Penny will hit Mackay before moving onto Townsville and then Cairns.

The cyclone will then move West to the top of Western Australia towards the end of the week.

Northern Territory is set for a week of stormy downpour whilst temperatures still remain at a high 34 degrees.

Don’t think that Sydney’s missed out either, with NSW heading for five days straight of torrential rain as thunderstorms are expected.

Ms Eadie explained: “Tomorrow and Wednesday we're seeing an unstable air mass around the Sydney area.

“It's a combination of an upper level trough, instability in the atmosphere and a southerly change coming through.”

Temperatures within the Sydney area are expected to hit 29 degrees but will be accompanied by strong winds and more than a 60 per cent chance of rain until Friday.

Down the bottom of Australia, Tasmania can still expect showers at a much lower rate of 30 per cent over the next five days. Clouds are expected to linger and keep temperatures within the low 20s.

If you’ve managed to withstand the rain come Friday, the weather is looking to reward the south of the country with higher than average temperatures.

“We're expecting another burst of warm temperatures, well above average as we head to the end of the week,” Ms Eadie said.

“The highest temperatures are expected to be concentrated over South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.”

If you’re on the western side of the nation, don’t think you’ve dodged these high temperatures either. Perth and Melbourne will hit a top of 33 degrees on Saturday whereas Adelaide’s peak temperature is looking to be a scorching 39 degrees on Friday.

Tasmania doesn’t miss out either, with warmer than average temperatures expected for Friday, especially in the far north east.

Looks like you’ll need an umbrella and shorts if you’ve got any trips planned this weekend!

What are your plans for this crazy weather? Let us know in the comments.