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4 foodie destinations to try in Noosa

4 foodie destinations to try in Noosa

Despite the sun, sand and relaxing environment, many are surprised that Noosa is a hidden gem when it comes to fantastic food.

1. Wasabi, Noosa

Danielle Gjestland, renowned Wasabi restaurateur, spoke to Escape about how the farm got started. If the name doesn’t give it away, the food that is served at Wasabi is Japanese.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is a particular highlight for people who enjoy restaurants, as the owner grows more than 50 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.

“We started the farm out of necessity really,” Danielle explained.

“The restaurant got to a point where we couldn’t do what we wanted to do without access to certain ingredients.”

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The painstaking process of a Mukago harvest at Honeysuckle Hill. Mukago are the arial tubers of the Yama-imo (the main reason for growing the plant - a yam that has the most wonderful sticky texture when grated and is also awesome simply grilled. Fun fact ..... In the Edo period they thought the yam was an aphrodisiac and added the yam paste to bath water to enhance male virility) Mukago are just a bonus of growing Yama Imo but are tricky to harvest as they often fall to the ground as soon as you touch them, vanishing in the surrounding leaf litter. They taste delicious steamed, roasted or fried so are worth the extra effort! #honeysucklehillfarm #japanesecuisine #noosa #restaurantaustralia

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She says that when the restaurant opened less than a decade ago, the locals weren’t a fan.

“One thing that we really try to achieve is yes, you’re going to eat Japanese food, but you’re also going to come away having experienced the produce from our region and the things that live here and grow here,” Danielle said.

2. The local farmers market in Noosa

Those who are eager to taste the local produce of Noosa can head down to the Noosa Farmers Market, which is on every Sunday.

With a variety of local stalls available, which allows you to taste fresh organic produce, herbs and fresh seafood caught straight from the ocean, there’s bound to be something to suit your taste buds.

This is a great way to experience the local tastes, smells and sounds of Noosa while enjoying some of the region’s greatest coffee, according to its website.

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Early morning is the best time at the market, you get to see sunrises like this. #visitnoosa #noosa #noosafarmersmarket

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3. Thomas Corner Eatery

Strong local relationships with farmers and the fishermen in Noosa work out quite well for the restaurants that open here. This is the case at Thomas Corner Eatery, which overlooks the Noosa River.

The eatery prides themselves on only using local ingredients. Head chef Michael Trask explained that their Sunday lunch event during the Noosa Food and Wine Festival this year will really highlight what the restaurant has to offer.

“All of the produce will come from no further south than Caloundra and no further north than Gympie,” he says.

4. Bombetta

The slick, split-level Italian restaurant known as Bombetta is making waves since it opened in late 2017.

Although Hastings Street is known as the epicentre of any Noosa holiday, restaurateur Pascal Turschwell explains that most of the action with food is “over the hill”.

“People don’t usually come over the hill, but this is where the bars are,” he says

The extensive menu will settle any craving that you have for Italian, and with pan fried gnocchi, braised beef short rib and crispy skin slow roasted Porchetta on the menu, it seems like you can’t go wrong.