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Luxury cruising on a budget: How you can get the perks without the price tag

Luxury cruising on a budget: How you can get the perks without the price tag

Most travellers know that cruising is an experience of a lifetime. You’re able to reach places that are usually exclusive to those who travel by sea and each morning you’re greeted with spectacular views. While there are plenty of cruise ships you can hop aboard on, nothing is quite like cruising in a luxurious suite aboard a boutique vessel.

Boutique cruises are becoming extremely popular with more discerning travellers. They have a much more intimate feel to them compared to a mega-ship as they are usually smaller in size than their mainstream counterparts. But size does not compromise on experience, and if you’re someone who likes to build relationships and meet new people, a boutique cruise is the perfect option for you.

Those who oversee boutique cruises are known to take great pride in providing the best services, such as staff knowing each traveller’s name and providing a much more personal experience.

But if you need a bit more of a nudge, here are the reasons you should look to upgrade to a luxurious suite on your next cruise:

1. Boutique cruises can reach places big vessels can’t

It may seem obvious but it’s something to consider. Because of the convenient size of a boutique cruise, it’s able to sail to places their larger counterparts cannot. Meaning you’re able to truly immerse yourself in the location you’re visiting and see scenic views like no other. So, whether it’s the Northern Lights you’re gearing up to see or the Scottish Isles, it’s guaranteed that smaller ships will get you places that you can’t reach any other way.

Cruise lines such as Cruise & Maritime Voyages have ships with a comfortable, country-club ambiance that are able to make their way into harbours that many larger ships cannot, which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the city in ways you never have before. Another perk is that many boutique cruise lines tend to stay in popular ports overnight, so those aboard can truly have a day to night experience in the city they’re staying at.

2. It’s more intimate

Whether you choose to travel with a crowd or fly solo, boutique cruises are a great way to get out there and meet new people. Because many vessels only carry 500-600 guests at a time, there is more of a chance to strike up a conversation with like-minded individuals who are currently on the same journey as you.

With boutique cruise lines, it’s more about you than it is about the ship. It may not feature a great big water slide, but the cabins are spacious, there is more space for passengers and the staff are very attentive. It’s not about the grandeur but about the experience.

Activities such as trivia nights or small group tours can really help bring people closer together, and not to mention the moments where you’re able to gather around a bar or café for drinks.

3. It’s convenient

A cruise always sounds like a great idea until you realise you have to travel long distances just to reach the departure dock. Luckily, a boutique cruise with Cruise & Maritime Voyages depart from all around Australia, so it’s practically on your doorstep.

With the voyages departing from places such as Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle just to name a few, there is a way for everyone to get the full cruise experience without the inconvenience of long distances. Whether you choose to explore the great locations of Australia or take a trip to Europe, ships departing from every city is another detail that boutique cruise lines add to help make the customer experience that much better.

4. Better value for money

While it may seem like you’re paying quite a bit of money when choosing to go on a cruise in a luxurious suite, the truth is, it’s a much better deal than going with a standard run-of-the-mill voyage.

And right now, you can save up to 60% off suites for a limited time with Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Whether you’re looking into a quick getaway or a grand voyage, you’re bound to find something that suits you and your budget with the many packages available.

With expansive living areas and plenty of on-board amenities, this is your chance to experience the life of luxury at an affordable cost. But run don’t walk, as the offer ends on October 22.