Shannen Findlay

5 ways to stay safe on a cruise

5 ways to stay safe on a cruise


1. Drink responsibly

Alcohol can make it hard to think clearly and despite wanting to have fun on your holiday, it is important to know your limits.

There is plenty of alcohol onboard and it can be easy to get carried away, so stay mindful of how much you are consuming.

2. Use your safe

Your safe is not just an object that takes up necessary room in your stateroom – they are there for a reason. You can fit jewellery, important paperwork, electronic devices and other valuable items in your cabin safe. As trustworthy as your cabin stewards may seem, don’t take risks.

3. Get to know your steward

Ask his or her name and be kind to your steward, they can be a friend in scary situations where you might be lost or in danger. They will also notice if someone is trying to get into your room.

4. Don’t carry large amounts of cash

There is no real reason to bring large amounts of cash onboard – even if you are gambling. All onboard transactions can be carried within your room key as a credit card. When you are going to get off the ship on a port day, don’t advertise any cash you take with you. Keep any money on you in a money belt attached to your body.

5. Pay attention at the muster drill

Before your vacation begins and the real fun starts, it is mandatory for every passenger to attend a muster drill. This is where passengers will get an idea of where their muster station is, how to wear a life jacket and what the alarms mean if they ever sound off.

Even if you have heard the drill a thousand times, pay attention because it could come in handy.