5 things you shouldn’t do on a cruise

5 things you shouldn’t do on a cruise

1. Don’t use the elevator

If you can avoid it, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s a good way to keep the kilos off after the many buffets you will be feasting on.

2. Don’t forget to relax

It’s your holiday, enjoy it while you can because unfortunately, you get straight back into reality once you arrive at your doorstep.

3. Don’t forget to save room for souvenirs

There are so many great deals and bargains that are available while you’re on board so take advantage of them. The places you may port at will also have some of the best deals you can get for your loved ones. So make sure you save a bit of luggage space for these keepsakes you will be taking home, so you don’t have to purchase another suitcase just to carry them all.

4. Don’t forget to pack well

Packing your luggage is a practice that takes time to master – so make sure you do it well. Afterall, you don’t want to be getting on your cruise ship and realising you have forgotten to pack a fundamental item.

5. Don’t drink too much alcohol

While it is your holiday, getting a bit too loose is something you don’t want to be doing. Take short breaks when you start feeling lightheaded – it will save you a headache and some bad memories!