3 ways to save BIG on your next cruise

3 ways to save BIG on your next cruise

Cruise lines give families, couples and solo travellers affordable ways to holiday on a budget. However, there are always a few sneaky ways to skim hundreds of dollars off your cruise without losing out on any perks.

Here are three ways you can save BIG on your next cruise.

1. Travel agents are your best friend

Many may already know this, but travel agents can be a traveller’s best way to hitting the savings jackpot and skimming hundreds off your next holiday.

Not only is it their job to find you the best deals with the best perks and additional features, they’re an excellent source of information and a way to find an itinerary that works for you on the cruise line and cruise ship that suits your needs the best.

2. Look at the right time

Take advantage of new sailings by reading the itineraries released at different times of the year.

Cruise lines are constantly sending out email newsletters throughout the year, hoping to stumble on a traveller who is willing to dish out some coins for a holiday.

The best part is, these newsletters come with some of the best sales programs and peak travel options.

It’s also best to book 12-18 months prior your next cruise as this is when the sales are at an all-time high – after all cruise lines want to fill up their numbers quickly.

Cruise lines like Carnival release their itineraries between June and July each year while P&O send out programs in the Spring/Summertime in March and in the Winter around October.

3. First in, best dressed

Savvy cruisers typically have one essential skill under their belt – they’re notorious early birds.

The longer you leave yourself to book a cruise, more often than not you will get much less options.

Planning ahead not just allows you time to plan your travel, save upwards of hundreds of dollars and get the cabins and perks of your choice – it also gives travellers time to rethink their option.

If you book a cruise 12-18 months out from when your holiday is set to sail, cruisers are given a cancellation option that can often leave you with all your money back in your bank account without even a cancellation fee.

While not every step or trick may work for you, it is best every traveller considers what will work best for them before they take the leap and book their cruise.