Shannen Findlay


3 reasons why you need to visit Mystery Island

3 reasons why you need to visit Mystery Island

While it may seem difficult to believe, there is more to cruising than endless cocktails and poolside lounging. Cruising is an efficient way to see new and exciting destinations that you really can’t find anywhere else.

One location that has proven to be a favourite amongst veteran cruisers is Mystery Island, not just for its mystique and beauty but also for its seclusion and being the perfect example of a South Pacific paradise.

Here is why you must put Mystery Island on your cruising checklist.

1. Mystifying natural attractions

This gorgeous island doesn’t have a whole lot of man-made eye sores and locals rely on the natural allure of the land and seascape to attract wide-eyed tourists.

Some of the incredible feature’s tourists are promised is the pristine white sands, the balmy waters that are perfect for a quick dip or a long swim as well as a wildly colourful marine life to get lost in.

The best part about this stunning attraction? It is all natural and all there for you to explore.

2. Endless island activities

An awesome aspect of cruising is the among of island activities that are on offer for all cruisers.
While there is the option of becoming one with the island culture and generally blending in amongst civilisation, there are options to snorkel amongst the stunning marine life and shipwrecks or take a dip or two into the waters far from land.

Travellers can also laze on the sand, take a stroll through the local markets and indulge in a souvenir or two and even dine on some fresh lobster while listening to a local band in complete serenity.

3. Incredible excursions to explore the sea world

Mystery Island truly is a clandestine journey you will not want to come back from, and the sea life and excursions are one of the main reasons you will want to stay on the tiny South Pacific dot.

Just some options travellers can indulge in include, fishing with a local guide, glass-bottom kayaking through vibrant coral reefs and a short ferry village to see what modern life is like for the locals.

Further, tourists can get right up close to the best bits of the coral habitat by being taken through an intimate journey with local snorkelers and then marvel in the glorious sea life by taking a sea trip in a glass-bottom boat.

Either way, whether you are on land lazing in the shade, strolling through the local markets or putting your nose right up to the gorgeous coral life, you will never want to leave Mystery Island.