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Nine-year-old Hamas hostage believed dead is reunited with her father

<p>Dozens of hostages are recovering after being freed from their captors, after a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas came into effect. </p> <p>Almost eight weeks of violence came to a halt as the truce began, with Hamas so far releasing 41 hostages in the first two days of the truce. </p> <p>Among those who were freed by the radical Palestinian group was nine-year-old Emily Hand, who's father thought <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">she was dead</a>. </p> <p>When Emily was at a sleepover on October 7th, the neighbourhood was bombed and her father Thomas, was told his daughter had died. </p> <p>Now, Thomas and Emily have been reunited, with their emotional reunion just one of many as families across Israel saw the return of their loved ones. </p> <p>Also released by Hamas was four-year-old Abigail Edan, an American-Israeli dual citizen who was abducted by Hamas almost eight weeks ago. </p> <p>US President Joe Biden commented on Abigail's release, saying she has been through "the unthinkable", as the four-year-old saw her mother get killed, before her father was also killed as he tried to shield her from the bombings.</p> <p>Biden said Abigail is receiving love, care and “the supportive services she needs” and adding he hoped “this is not the end of the temporary truce”.</p> <p>“What she endured was unthinkable. She has been through a terrible trauma,” he said. </p> <p>All 41 hostages released by Hamas from captivity in Gaza are stable, according to local medical professionals.</p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">truce</a> between Israel and Hamas came into effect on Friday morning, marking the end of seven weeks of constant fighting since the bombing of southern Israel on October 7th. </p> <p>The four-day pause is expected to see the exchange of 150 Palestinian women and children imprisoned in Israeli jails for 50 women and children hostages held by Hamas. </p> <p>Israeli officials, while adamant that the truce is not an end to the war, have also agreed to pause fighting for an additional day for every further 10 captives freed by Hamas.</p> <p><em>Image credits: CNN</em></p>


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Harry Connick Jnr finally comes clean on feud with Kyle

<p>Kyle Sandilands and Harry Connick Jr. have hashed out their rumoured ongoing feud, calling a truce live on air. </p> <p>The radio shock jock welcomed the singer on <em>The Kyle and Jackie O Show</em> on Wednesday morning to discuss his upcoming Australian tour, when Sandilands brought up their long-running beef. </p> <p>“You know what I admire about Harry, and I’ve watched Harry too,” he told co-host Jackie O when Connick Jr. was on the line.</p> <p>“When you think some doesn't like you, you watch them, you, over-analyse them and you start getting in your head, ‘I wonder why he doesn’t like me?’”</p> <p>Kyle then discussed some lessons he had learned from Harry during their time on Australian Idol together, “What I do know about Harry, and he told the Idol contestants this last year, is read the room. You’ve got to perform to whoever is there, whether it’s an auditorium or it’s to three people on a TV show.”</p> <p>Rather than welcoming the compliment, Connick Jr. thought Sandilands was being sarcastic and "tricky" by stirring the pot. </p> <p>“I see how tricky you are, slipping in there that I don’t like you,” the star said on air. “I don’t know where you got that from. I do like you very much and I really enjoyed our time together. So I see you trying to flip that in there, but you’re not gonna get that past me, pal.”</p> <p>Henderson said Sandilands may have been “paranoid”, while he agreed he “misread” the situation.</p> <p>“So this whole time, I should’ve maybe asked,” he told Connick Jr, who replied: “I love my wife and kids, and I’ve been very lucky in may career. Life is too short for any kind of … I just love life. So when you say I don’t like you, I’m not sure where that comes from, but for the record, I do like you very much and so everything is cool from my end.”</p> <p>While he accepted the explanation, Sandilands also remained slightly sceptical because Connick Jr “is a very good actor” after all, he said.</p> <p>“But Kyle the thing about actors is we don’t lie – we tell the truth,” replied Connick Jr.</p> <p>“You gotta tell the truth in the scene because, if you’re lying, you’re not being true to your character.”</p> <p>Sandilands then urged listeners to forget “everything I’ve ever said about Harry”.</p> <p><em>Image credits: KIIS FM / Getty Images</em></p>


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