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"Finally a celebrity fighting back": Cardi B hurls mic at concert goer

<p>The latest celebrity to be hit with something on stage has fought back, as Cardi B took revenge on the concert goer who threw a drink over her during a performance. </p> <p>The rapper, 30, was performing in Las Vegas on Saturday, as she sang her 2018 song, <em>Bodak Yellow</em>, that propelled her to global fame. </p> <p>During the song, a member of the audience threw their drink on stage, splashing the singer in the liquid. </p> <p>Cardi B immediately retaliated by lobbing her microphone into the crowd, targeting the audience member. </p> <p>The fan was led out of the crowd by security, while the performer took the time to casually fix up her hair before continuing her performance. </p> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"> <p dir="ltr" lang="en">Cardi B throws microphone at audience member who threw a drink at her. <a href=""></a></p> <p>— Pop Base (@PopBase) <a href="">July 30, 2023</a></p></blockquote> <p>The confrontation, which was filmed by many fellow concert goers, has since gone viral, with many commending the artist for fighting back. </p> <p>"Finally a celebrity fighting back," said one.</p> <p>"Exactly, it's about time a performer retaliated to this 'trend'," another agreed.</p> <p>"She did what needed to be done! People need to stop throwing stuff at performers," added another fan.</p> <p>The incident in Vegas was the second time in just 24 hours that the singer was captured on video hurling a microphone at inconsiderate fans. </p> <p>The singer was performing at another club in Las Vegas the night before, when the DJ in control of her music kept cutting out the track as she was trying to sing. </p> <p>After the song stopping and starting abruptly several times, Cardi B yelled out her own name before spinning around and aiming the microphone at the DJ before storming off the stage.</p> <p><em>Image credits: Twitter</em></p>


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