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Father sues daughter over $1m lottery win

<p>In a tale of fortune turned sour, an Australian family has found itself entangled in a legal battle over a Tattslotto win worth nearly $1 million.</p> <p>William John Bampton, a 92-year-old resident of Twin Waters on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, saw his life take an unexpected turn when he took out the $986,000 lottery jackpot in March 2018. However, the joyous occasion quickly gave way to family discord as Bampton sought to reclaim a $300,000 "gift" he had given to his daughter, resulting in an ugly legal dispute that has left the elderly father estranged from his two children.</p> <p>A Brisbane District Court ruling last month has shed light on the core of the dispute. Following his lottery win, Bampton embarked on a property purchase journey, putting down a $50,000 deposit on a four-bedroom Mountain Creek home. Eventually, he co-purchased the property with his son Larry, contributing a total of $505,030. However, the contentious issue arose when, in August of the same year, he gifted $300,000 to his daughter, Suzanne.</p> <p>The $300,000 transaction became a point of contention as Bampton sought to set aside the cash, alleging that he was unduly influenced or subjected to unconscionable conduct by his daughter. In court documents, Bampton claimed that an argument with his daughter in August 2018 left him feeling overwhelmed, pushing him to make the payment against his will. On the other side of the dispute, Suzanne insisted that her father willingly gifted her the $300,000.</p> <p>The Brisbane District Court, in a comprehensive 39-page judgment, acknowledged the extensive evidence presented by both parties. Importantly, the court clarified that at the time of the hearing, Bampton did not have a dementia diagnosis. Despite Bampton's plea, Judge Sheridan dismissed the claim, suggesting potential orders for costs unless an agreement between the parties could be reached.</p> <p>The judge stated that Bampton, despite his age and medical conditions, had full capacity and well understood and managed his financial affairs. She found the gift to be fair, just and reasonable in the circumstances.</p> <p>The legal battle has taken a heavy toll on the Bampton family, leaving deep scars. Suzanne expressed her dismay, stating that the dispute had crushed her family. Larry, caught in the turmoil, revealed that his father had ceased communication with him. He lamented that nobody in the family emerged as a winner from this unfortunate situation, saying that the lottery win turned out to be one of the tragic stories associated with such windfalls.</p> <p>The case of the Bampton family serves as a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of financial windfalls on familial relationships. As they grapple with the aftermath of the legal battle, the family is left to reconcile the shattered bonds and scars that may take time to heal.</p> <p><em>Image: Shutterstock</em></p>


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