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Anthony Albanese staffer quits after “defamatory attack”

<p>Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s deputy chief of staff Sabina Husic has resigned saying she “no longer feels safe” in the role after a “cowardly and weak” anonymous dossier was circulating with malicious claims about his office.</p> <p>The veteran Labor staffer said she was prioritising her mental health on Tuesday night after a week of debate about the plight of female staffers and bullying at Parliament House.</p> <p>Ms Husic said she decided to hand in her resignation after being devastated by the anonymous attack while on mental health leave.</p> <p>“Last night I was the subject of a malicious, false, fake and defamatory attack on my character. This was highly distressing and has had an incredibly harmful effect on my personal wellbeing,’’ she said.</p> <p>“The defamatory attacks and online harassment I have experienced are beyond the bounds of what should be required for this job or any staff position.</p> <p>“For women staff, it is important to feel safe in their roles and workplaces – that very much extends to their mental health and wellbeing.</p> <p>“I no longer feel safe in this role. I have decided to put my health and wellbeing first.”</p> <p>The document targeting Albanese’s office has sparked fresh leadership speculation after it was uploaded online on Monday night before quickly being taken down.</p> <p>However, the dossier had spread quickly through media and political circles.</p> <p>The anonymous attack against Ms Husic was posted on the same day she returned from three weeks of mental health leave for depression.</p> <p>Labor leader Anthony Albanese dismissed the document attacking his office and staff as a “fake” and said the email included that purported to be from Ms Husic was mocked up.</p> <p>“It’s a fake. It’s fake,” Mr Albanese said. “It’s a very good office. I have an outstanding office.”</p> <p>Ms Husic, the sister of NSW Labor MP Ed Husic, had joined Mr Albanese’s office after the 2019 election.</p> <p>“Thank you to you and Anthony for the support you have provided me. I wish you and the office every success for the future,’’ she said in her resignation letter.</p> <p>Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally told that the anonymous attack on Ms Husic was “cowardly and weak”.</p> <p>“Whoever has done this is cowardly and weak especially at a time when she was already on leave for depression,’’ Ms Keneally said.</p> <p>“I value her counsel, her smarts and her friendship. Sabina has courage and strength but I support her decision</p> <p>“I am sure this cowardly attack on her will not impact on her career.”</p>


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