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Googlebox’s Wayne and Tom open up about their three children

<p>If you’re a fan of Googlebox Australia you would already been familiar with the hilarious commentary provided by Wayne and Tom. But did you know the couple have three children?</p> <p>In an interview with TV Week, the duo, who have been together for 17 years, open up about their pride and joy – daughters Jade, 27, and Tegan, 24, and son Zac, 26.</p> <p>“We have three beautiful children,” Wayne, 47, says, adding that he couldn’t be more proud of all of them.</p> <p>“Jade is successful in her career as a medical scientist and Tegan and Zac are busy chasing their dreams.”</p> <p><img width="434" height="579" src="" alt="1 (2)" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"/></p> <p>With the nation in the middle of a same-sex marriage postal plebiscite, Wayne and Tom have been particularly affected by some of the misinformation thrown around.</p> <p>“For us to be told we can’t be good parents because we’re two men is heartbreaking,” Tom, 49, says.</p> <p>“We’ve done the best any parent can do. We’ve supported our children, taught them morals, taken them to soccer practice and dancing lessons.”</p> <p>Since the success of the hit realty TV series, now in its fourth season, Tom and Wayne say they’ve also become role models for young people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.</p> <p>“We get private messages from young people, asking how they can overcome the negativity,” Tom reveals.</p> <p>“It brings back a lot of memories for me. Growing up in the ’80s, I used to hear my family say that gay people should be put down. So I’ve been through it and I can lend a hand.”</p> <p>Wayne believes that the Gogglebox has also allowed them to introduce Australia to the new normal, breaking down barriers along the way.</p> <p>“Whether you’re a four-person family with a mum, dad and kids, or a gay family living under one roof, everyone is really the same,” he says.</p> <p>The couple says if Australia legalises same-sex marriage they’ll be getting married.</p> <p>“We would have a wedding for our children and friends,” Tom explains. “We’ve been together for 17 years, so as far as we’re concerned, we’re [already] married.”</p> <p>Wayne adds, “I’d like a small beach wedding and invite friends and family.” </p>

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