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The heartwarming story behind phenomenal pink home

The heartwarming story behind phenomenal pink home

More than just a way to showcase the owner’s flair for interior design, this palatial pink residence in Crestwood, NSW, serves as an enduring memorial to its former owners.

Listing agent Bianca Way at home.byholly explained the home’s touching backstory in an interview with realestate.com.au, saying, “The home was renovated by a mother and daughter who were living there together. Jo, the daughter, was living downstairs and the mum was upstairs.

“Jo was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and passed away about 12 months ago.”

When they bought the home in 2019, Jo’s mum supported her doing whatever she wanted when renovating, so Jo decided the house had to be a representation of everything she loved.

Ms Way said, “Because it was one of the last things she was doing, the family said go for it – lean in, go pink. She wanted to make it beautiful.”

Jo began renovating the home in early 2020, efforts which included installing a beautiful peacock window above a booth lounge and creating not one, but two rooms dedicated to arts and crafts.

2 Kinkora Place even has a pastel pink front door and pink accent wall in the backyard, in addition to an abundance of plant life, a fountain, and a bench to sit in and enjoy the splendour. It even has a pink garden hose!

The bathroom comes with pink scalloped tiles and gold finishings, and even the laundry has pink tiles and matte black detailing.

Pink walls and accents can be found throughout the home, as well as jewel tones that complement the aesthetic nicely.

Ms Way had a brush with breast cancer earlier this year, so when she took on this listing, she wanted to do something special to support those dealing with breast cancer, and started a fundraising page in Jo’s honour. “Not everyone will be able to buy the property but if there’s a chance to get people to donate a couple of dollars to something important, then why not,” she said.

The home will go up for auction on December 4.

Image: home.byholly

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