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Fri, 20 Feb, 2015

World’s oldest twins are still close as ever at 103

World’s oldest twins are still close as ever at 103

While some twins live completely independt lives, at 103-years-old, Glenys Thomas and Florence Davies still live next door to each other, much like they have most of their lives.

The pair are the oldest living twins in the UK, according to the Abermill Care Home in Caerphilly, Wales where they now live, and many reports indicate they also are the oldest identical twins in the world.

Born in Wales in 1911 – the year before the Titanic sank – Thomas’ daughter, Gwenda Stace, reveals that the sisters have virtually been inseparable for most of their lives.

“The whole family’s social life was centered around their church and their community. You had to stay local in those days because it was so hard to get around,” Stacey told The Daily Mail. “They have lived a simple life. Neither Mam or Aunty Flo can drive. They never went abroad. But they were always happiest together.” 

Davies and Thomas now live in a care home, though they still have children living close by – and they're still living next door to each other in adjoining rooms. 

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