“Use them as a speed bump”: Kerri-Anne Kennerley slams climate change protesters

“Use them as a speed bump”: Kerri-Anne Kennerley slams climate change protesters

Controversial Studio 10 host Kerri-Anne Kennerley has slammed climate change protesters and urged motorists should “use them as speed bumps”.

She made the comments this morning on the show after a news story about arrests of Extinction Rebellion protesters who were disrupting traffic and services across the country as part of a week long “Spring Rebellion”.

“Personally, I would leave them all super glued to wherever they do it,” she said.

“The guy hanging from the Story Bridge. Why send emergency services? Leave him there until he gets himself out. No emergency services should help them, nobody should do anything, and you just put little witches hats around them, or use them as a speed bump.”

Kennerley quickly realised she might have gone too far.

“Oh, we’re going to get into trouble! Is that wrong?”

She quickly added:

“Put them in jail, forget to feed them. Some of the aged care homes around Australia, that would really sort them out.”

Extinction Rebellion spokesman James Norman has condemned Kennerley’s comments, and spoke to news.com.au about their impact.

“Kerri-Anne Kennerley really should think very carefully before making such statements about the impacts they could have. The motivation behind Extinction Rebellion is just to draw attention to the climate emergency, and we always seek to do so in a disruptive but strictly nonviolent manner.”

Mr Norman added, “Respect for other people is at the centre of our ethos and principles, and I would hope other people, especially public commentators, would approach us with the same level of respect for common decency.”

Kennerley’s comments come after Queensland Premier Annastacia Palazszuk has said “enough is enough” and that she wants protesters to be sent to jail.

“Most people do the right thing, it’s just this group who need to be brought under control,” she said to The Courier-Mail.