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Thu, 12 Mar, 2015

World’s most polite thief leaves "breathtaking" apology note

World’s most polite thief leaves "breathtaking" apology note

A homeless man who broke into a car to “borrow” a blanket returned it with a cheeky but heartwarming note.

Bert Palin, 82, from NSW’s Central Coast said he parked his car in Redfern while visiting family. He didn’t realise it had been broken into until he arrived home the next day and found a note with the blanket in the boot.

“I was getting my wife’s walker out of the boot when I saw the blanket that we normally toss in after using for picnics, folded neatly with a note,” Mr Palin told the Northern Territory Times.

The note read (see image below):

Hi, I borrowed your blanket for a little while because I was cold and didn’t have anywhere to go. I hope you accept my apology for taking your stuff without asking. Kind regards, Blanket thief :)

PS The blanket is really itchy.

Mr Palin was shocked to learn that his car was broken into twice and a note was left.

“It was obviously a male or female of some education to have written it the way they did and to break into my car then say ‘thank you’ and ‘PS your blanket was itchy’… it was breathtaking,” he said.

Mr Palin said there was no signs of any damage to the car and that he has washed the blanket because he was concerned it was itchy.

While Mr Palin has forgiven the person and accepted their apology, he would still prefer that nobody break into his car in the future.


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