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The awkward moment you missed between Lisa Wilkinson and Cassandra Thorburn

 The awkward moment you missed between Lisa Wilkinson and Cassandra Thorburn

Cassandra Thorburn was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars on Monday night and went on The Project on Tuesday night to talk about what it was like being on the show, coming face to face with her ex-husband's former Today co-host.

As Lisa Wilkinson is now a host on The Project, it was an awkward exchange to say the least, but both ladies remained professional and courteous.

Co-host on The Project Peter Helliar did his best to lighten the mood before Wilkinson dived in with the probing questions.

"Signing on for the show meant there would be this huge spotlight upon you. How have you felt about the way that's all played out?" asked Wilkinson.

Thorburn explained that she took the opportunity to put the huge media spotlight onto palliative care as her father passed away in October 2018 in palliative care.

“That’s exactly what I wanted, Lisa. I wanted to highlight palliative care, and I don’t think palliative care gets enough attention, so I wanted to highlight that

“There’s been so much thoughts about who I am and all of that, and I just kind of decided that this is a great opportunity to show who I am without people speculating all the time.”

Wilkinson quickly followed up with her next question about how Thorburn is navigating life as a single mum now.

“Have you worked out how to navigate being in the public eye as a single mum? Pardon the pun, but it’s a difficult dance,” enquired Wilkinson.

Thorburn had her answer prepped and ready, explaining:

“I'm happy, I'm very happy. Like my 'memorable year' dance on Dancing With The Stars.

“2016 was my most memorable year. It was a happy dance.

“Because at the end of that year, I had gotten to know myself better, I just found my place as who I was and what was important to me all of a sudden and what was going to be best for my children when they're with me,” Thorburn continued.

“I've embraced it and I'm really happy.”

Thorburn and Stefanovic divorced in 2016 after 21 years of marriage.

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