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Terrifying moment two warring snakes crash through bedroom ceiling

Terrifying moment two warring snakes crash through bedroom ceiling

A video has captured the scary duel between snakes after they fell through an air duct in an Aussie bedroom. 

The footage shows the two pythons tangled together and making hissing noises after they fell through the air ducts of the home located in Brisbane’s Kenmore Hills.

The fight was captured by Snake Catchers Brisbane on Sunday and shows the two male Coastal Carpet pythons battling for a female mate in the area.

“People often mistake this as mating, but it is combat,” explained snake catcher Lana Field.

According to Field, whichever snake won the battle would gain the right to mate with the nearby female, whose pheromones they could smell.

The two snakes fell through the air duct vent by pushing on the cover and fell into the room of the unknowing inhabitants.

Social media users were shocked by the video, with one person commenting: “Imagine being in that bed when they came through the ceiling vent! OMG!”

Another wrote: “Oh my God they fell through the roof, I would have died, not looking forward to summer.”

Ms Field described the two pythons as “small, average size”, with a length of around 1.75 metres.

“They can continue like this for hours also, until one is exhausted, feels like he's going to win the battle, get on top and he'll leave,” she said