Wed, 28 Jul, 2021

“Terminator” Titmus in tears after stunning second gold

“Terminator” Titmus in tears after stunning second gold

Ariarne ‘Arnie’ Titmus, nicknamed “The Terminator”, has secured her second gold medal in the 200-metre freestyle.

The newly minted Olympian couldn’t contain her emotion as she embraced coach Dean Boxall after being presented with the medal - the day after winning her first in the 400-metre race.

“You’re a legend,” Boxall said to Titmus as they embraced.

Titmus has also become the first Australian women to win the coveted double-title since Shane Gould did so in 1972.

Though initially wary about the success of her performances, saying it wouldn’t sink in “until I get home and have a rest”, Titmus’ emotional outpouring suggests it already has.

“When you’re in this situation, you have to compartmentalise everything and I think once I stop racing, I’ll release everything,” she told Channel Seven.

“I’m thinking about the relay and the 800m now and I don’t want to ruin the rest of the meet by celebrating too hard.

“But I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Boxall had a more subdued response to the swimmer’s second victory, after going viral with his celebrations following her victory in the 200-metre race.

Coming in second was Siobhan Bernadette Haughey of Hong Kong, followed by Canada’s Penny Oleksiak who claimed bronze.

The 20-year-old Tasmanian won with an Olympic record time of 1:53:20, beating reigning Olympic gold medalist American Katie Ledecky, who finished fifth.

As with yesterday’s 400-metre race, Titmus was trailing Haughey and Oleksiak at the halfway point, before going on to beat the Hong Kong swimmer by 0.42 seconds.

“Just goes to show Ariarne Titmus and her composure,” Olympic swimming legend Ian Thorpe said in commentary for Channel Seven.

“We have a saying that is ‘trust the process’. It is when you’re training and really trust the training and the program that your coach has set for you and the race plan that you have and sticking to the plan.

“So trust the process, execute the process, and Arnie did that so well.”

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