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Fri, 12 Jun, 2015

15 of the strangest gifts celebrities have received from fans

15 of the strangest gifts celebrities have received from fans

People might admire the fortune and fame of celebrities but would you be prepared to receive some of the weird, wacky and downright disturbing gifts from fans they often receive? Here we find out some of the “gifts” that celebrities have been given.

  • Pop starlet Ariana Grande received a 20 kilogram pumpkin from a fan.
  • Fans of Tom Felton’s character Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise have asked him if he would legally change his name to the fictional character.
  • When actor Zac Efron opened his fan mails a few years ago he probably wasn’t expecting human skin in the package.
  • Boyband the Jonas Brothers received a dead shark from a fan a couple of years ago.
  • Singer Pink received a 16-page letter in 2006 telling her she had been initiated into a cult, complete with a survival kit and instructions.
  • Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson has been gifted as many as 20 bibles from people claiming the series was un-Christian.
  • Actor and musician Jared Leto once received a human ear from a fan with a note reading: “Are you listening?”
  • Perhaps not surprising but rock star Alice Cooper was once given a coffin by a fan.
  • Halle Berry must be used to legions of male admirers but was once accosted by one fan that was a little too obsessed. He proposed marriage, complete with a diamond ring.
  • A fan must have taken Dolly Parton’s hit Jolene a little too seriously as they dropped off a baby named Jolene on the singer’s doorstep back in the seventies. Parton called Human Services but nobody knows what happened to the baby girl.
  • Pop sensation Taylor Swift was once gifted a turtle shell with her face painted on it by an overzealous admirer. 
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