Thu, 8 Apr, 2021

Rare footage shows Queen Elizabeth like you’ve never seen her

Rare footage shows Queen Elizabeth like you’ve never seen her

Extraordinary footage of Queen Elizabeth in her younger years has resurfaced.

The footage shows the young Queen and her husband off duty during Christmas in 1953.

Shot by Patricia Norrie, the wife of the then Governor-General of New Zealand, Sir Willoughby Norrie – the clips show moments of a time gone by.

The pair can be seen relaxing during their gruelling seven-month Commonwealth tour, and has been shown in a fascinating new documentary to mark the royal’s 95th birthday.

The monarch had only been cornered a year before, and it was apparent that during the time the clips were taken, the royals were eager for a little downtime.

The couple’s daughter, Sarah Stevenson said it was “terribly exciting” to have the royal party staying at their home.

In the clips, Father Christmas could be seen delivering presents from them to take home to their young children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Sir Willoughby and his wife even gave the Queen and Philip a stocking each which contained a dog's lead for the Queen and a blue and white Wedgwood ashtray for Philip.

After lunch, the couple went to the private pool along with the Queen equerry at the time, Johnny Spencer, later Earl Spencer and father of Princess Diana.

Mrs Stevenson said Philip was wearing tiny dark “budgie smuggler” swimming shorts.

The Queen didn't join in on swimming, but happily watched her husband from the patio.

ITV's The Queen Unseen, shows the monarch throughout the decades.

With almost 70 years of trotting around the globe under her belt, she is one of the world's most experienced travellers.