Wed, 18 Nov, 2020

QLD Origin captain's brilliant response to "worst ever" Maroons claim

QLD Origin captain's brilliant response to "worst ever" Maroons claim

Queensland captain Daly Cherry-Evans issued the perfect response to being called the "worst ever" Maroons team by NSW Blues legend Paul Gallen.

Cherry-Evans became the first Queensland skipper to hold the Origin shield since Cameron Smith in 2017, and made a jab at Gallen who had previously remarked that they were the "worst ever" Maroons team.

"On behalf of the worst ever Queensland team, thank you very much," a delighted Cherry-Evans said.

"I'd like to thank not just this team here, but everyone who supported us at home. We made a lot of sacrifices and there's a lot of people at home that can't be here tonight so thank you.

"Thank you to everyone in the stadium, this is the best stadium in the world."

Naturally, Gallen didn't back down from his original comments despite the Maroons winning.

"I'm not shying away from my comments, it is the worst Queensland team I've seen in the past 15-20 years. I don't think the Queenslanders would disagree," he said on Nine, post-game.

"If you had said to Johnathan Thurston or Fatty Vautin, who are staunch Queenslanders, that Corey Allan, Edrick Lee and Brenko Lee are going to be playing for Queensland at the end of the year and they're going to win the series, I think they might have even scratched their heads.

"To their credit, they still beat the Blues and what that says about New South Wales, I'm not sure."

Jonathan Thurston was thrilled with the outcome.

"You can't underestimate the power of the Maroon jersey," Thurston said.

"It has been said before, and it was highlighted in Game One. That was the perfect example of the power of the jersey and the belief that it instills in the players.

"Along with Fatty's team in 1995, this is one of Queensland's greatest ever Origin wins.

"There was a lot of noise down south about this being the worst ever team assembled in the 40 years of Origin history, but the power of the jersey does something to you."