Prince William reveals Princess Charlotte’s latest obsession

Prince William reveals Princess Charlotte’s latest obsession

As the British royal family is in the spotlight, it can be easy to forget that they are just normal people.

This is especially the case for young four-year-old Princess Charlotte.

However, her father, Prince William, has brought everyone back down to earth with a very sweet confession about what his daughter is obsessed with.

William took part in an art therapy session whilst visiting Harcombe House in Devon on Monday as it was Emergency Services Day in the UK.

It was as he walked past a collection of artworks made by local firefighter’s children that he saw something that reminded him of his daughter.

There was an artwork of a unicorn, that was made with colourful balls.

"My daughter loves unicorns," he revealed to the group taking part in the art therapy session.

"Loves them. Very cool."

Princess Charlotte has also shown her fondness for unicorns with a sweet keyring attached to her school bag as she heads off to “big school” at Thomas’ Battersea school.

The keyring is made out of sequins and is the perfect addition to her bag as she heads off into kindergarten.

Charlotte was also seen carrying a cute unicorn purse at the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day.