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Wed, 1 Jul, 2015

Meet the photographer whose images are redefining beauty standards

Meet the photographer whose images are redefining beauty standards

This is the image that won photographer Natalie Grono the prestigious 2015 People’s Choice Prize in Australia’s National Photographic Portrait competition. The photo, aptly titled, “Feather in the Goddess Pool” depicts Feather, a regular at New South Wales Byron Bay beaches, swimming at what’s become known as the goddess pool.

Grono was drawn to 78-year-old Feather’s unwavering confidence and courage in her own skin, despite the societal pressure that only a certain age and body type is appropriate for baring skin at the beach.

Grono told HelloGiggles: “I think the image resonates with people because it invites them to examine a confident elderly woman who is proud of her body. She is not afraid to show the lines that inscribe her life story. It confronts the viewer’s impressions of beauty, as opposed to a culture where we are saturated with imagery of young models wearing bikinis.”

This photo is just one of many that make up Grono's body of work that explores womanhood. She's particularly interested in photographing strong, remarkable and creative woman living in the alternative hot spot of Byron Bay.

We just love the boldness in Feather’s stance and the defiant facial expression that just dares you to judge her.  

Find more of Natalie Grono's work here.

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