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Peter Stefanovic breaks his silence on life after Channel 9

Peter Stefanovic breaks his silence on life after Channel 9

Former Channel Nine foreign correspondent Peter Stefanovic has broken his silence about life after he quit the network.

Having spanned a career of 15 years with Nine, Stefanovic announced his resignation in December in a shock move, as rumours were rife that the network was going to sack the journalist.

Appearing on Sky News’ The Front Page with Peter Gleeson, the 37-year-old said he was using his time off to “reset”.

When asked about how he was adjusting to his new life, Stefanovic said: “Well, you know, it hasn’t been without its challenges, that’s for sure.

“Believe it or not, I’m usually quite a shy sort of person, so seeing so much negativity play out in the press for weeks and months on end does have its challenges and can be difficult to deal with at times.”

The former Weekend Today co-host was embroiled in controversy last year, after he was heard airing the network’s dirty laundry in an Uber.

Executives for Nine blamed Stefanovic for the incident after he was caught bad-mouthing his fellow colleagues on speakerphone to his brother Karl Stefanovic.

An insider at Nine said that the scandal was responsible for his ultimate demise.

But Stefanovic appeared to be in high spirits as he said he was trying his best to focus on his work.

“It’s what I’ve always done,” he said. “I had 15 wonderful years at Channel 9 now this is a great opportunity to kind of reset and try new products, which is very exciting.

“You’ve sort of got to put things into perspective as well: look at the difficulties that the people of Tasmania are going through at the moment, or even the people of Townsville as well, so my problems are very small compared to theirs. A lot of people don’t have their homes anymore, which is awfully tragic. So, I’ve had some difficulties but it’s a good time now.”