Sun, 10 Mar, 2019Basmah Qazi

Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham leave 60 Minutes viewers cringing: "I'm sick of it"

Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham leave 60 Minutes viewers cringing: "I'm sick of it"

The country was divided when Mark Latham joined forced with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in November, with many wondering how long the odd pairing would last.

Now, four months later the two are seen sharing a laugh and delivering high praise for one another, making those who doubt the unlikely duo cringe at the sight.

Critics believe the two are putting on a façade, and the entire partnership will turn ugly sooner rather than later. According to them, One Nation doesn’t have room for the former Labor Party and former Liberal Democrat Party maverick.

But despite the naysayers, the pair put on a jolly display for their 60 Minutes appearance on Sunday night, shutting down the noise as they claimed to be as united as ever.

Senator Hanson made a point of not backing down due to a “precious few” wanting them to change their ideologies.

“It’s not gonna happen,” she told 60 Minutes.

“Everyone wants to have a go at us because we’re prepared to stand up and speak up for ourselves on policy, and what’s happening in this country.

“But you try to pull us down for whatever little reason … I’m sick of it. I’m over it. Let the people judge us, and they’ll have their say at the ballot box.”

It was at that moment that presenter Liz Hayes interjected, telling them: “You know that the view is that you two cannot last?”

“Well you know, what I find curious is the focus on us,” said Lathom.

“I suppose that is because we’re outspoken, we try to speak the truth, and we say things that the lefties in particular don’t like, and we cop all the outrage. The others …

“Because they see us as a threat, Mark,” Hanson cut in.

“That’s what it is. They see us as a threat and it’s all wishful thinking that they want to see us not work together and it’ll sort of finish.”

But their critics were not one to back down, as many showed support behind the notion that their “marriage” wouldn’t last long, and were frustrated that their Sunday night viewing was interrupted by the controversial duo.

Though, not everyone was up in arms, as some said that the pair were “made for each other”.

“Watching #SBS the brilliant program Dr Jane Goodall-my life with chimpanzees. Tempted to switch to #60Mins to see Hanson and Latham but preferred to stay with intelligent life instead,” wrote one witty Aussie on Twitter.

Latham stood by what he wrote about Hanson before he joined the One Nation Party: “The Hanson persona is a perfect match for the One Nation constituency, resentful, distrustful, and overwhelmingly negative.”

He excused himself by saying the harsh words were due to being a member of the Labor Party at the time with Hanson defending the 58-year-old, saying it was from 18 years ago.

According to Hanson, she saw Latham’s potential when she was first elected in 1996.

“I always imagined Mark to be a future Prime Minister,” she said.

But while the two gushed about each other’s body of work, there was one issue they admit to butt heads over – banning the burqa.

“He doesn’t agree with banning it completely in communities or on streets and that type of things, but we have talked about it and compromised,” said Hanson.

“If they wear it in their own mosque, if they wanna wear it in their own home, Mark didn’t believe that was a real problem. I, you know, think that to wear the full burqa, the full covering, especially getting your driver’s licence or driving a car is not feasible. It’s unworkable. Where it does impact on society is in banks, in government buildings, in schools, in hospitals and these type of things.”

And to prove her point, Hanson infamously wore a burqa into the Senate in 2017.

“The main thing is Pauline whipped it off quickly and that’s what everyone should do,” said Latham.

“Whip it off quickly and get rid of it.”

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