Melody Teh


Fri, 3 Jul, 2015

New bubble wrap loses its pop

New bubble wrap loses its pop

We’re sorry to have to break it to you but the world’s favourite packaging is losing its pop – literally.


Sealed Air, the company that created bubble wrap in 1960, is rolling out a version of wrap that no longer pops. The new bubble wrap, called iBubble, won’t have individual bubbles but columns of “bubbles” that will allow air to be shifted.

So why oh why have Sealed Air done this to the millions of people around the world who derive so much pleasure from popping bubbles? Well, the version we love takes up a lot of space, and it’s expensive for the company to ship. This new variety allows more wrap to be stored and shipped at one time.  

But Sealed Air took to Twitter to quickly quell the concerns of those who can’t imagine living in a world where only “silent bubble wrap” existed.

“It warms our bubbly heart to see the responses from concerned #BubbleWrap fans. Fear not!#WeWontStopThePop We’re just expanding our family,” they tweeted. 

While we mourn the loss of the many hours we would spend popping bubbles, here’s a soothing video of bubble wrap being popped.

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