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Mon, 21 Dec, 2015

Mother Teresa officially recognised as a saint

Mother Teresa officially recognised as a saint

Mother Teresa, the Albanian nun who dedicated her life to the poor and sick is set to be officially added to the list of Catholic saints by Pope Francis.

For the Catholic Church to recognise someone as a saint, the Vatican must verify beyond doubt that person not only lived a virtuous life, but managed to perform two miracles.

Mother Teresa already had one miracle recognised by the church, when she cured a woman of stomach cancer, and last Thursday Pope Francis ratified her second required miracle.

Mother Teresa Two

The miracle in question is a Brazilian man with multiple brain tumours, who was reportedly healed after loved ones started praying to Mother Teresa to heal him. 

Sunita Kumar, spokeswoman for Missionaries of Charity, the religious order Mother Teresa founded, said, “"We were very delighted to get the news (about Mother Teresa). I was very emotional, of course. I have seen so many miracles every now and then, but I couldn't be happier today."

The sainthood could be granted as soon as September 2016.

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