Michelle Reed


Wed, 1 Jul, 2015

This is the most offensive ad on Australian television this year

This is the most offensive ad on Australian television this year

The Advertising Standards Bureau has recently revealed the top ten most complained about ads of 2015, so far receiving 2700 complaints from viewers.

Topping the list is Holden, featuring an ad with a father and son driving a Holden car. The father ironically says “Bloody caravaners,” which is then repeated by his young son.

One viewer complained, “Why is it acceptable or humorous to hear kids swearing? It’s not.”

The ad has received the highest number of complaints, coming in at 161 total, but as the offensive word in question, “bloody,” is said lightheartedly and is not seen as a swear word by most, the ad’s complaints were dismissed.

Other ads to top the list were Ashley Madison, which features men happily singing a jingle about finding someone “other than [their] wife,”Stan, featuring Rebel Wilson and her “big pussy” (cat) and Lynx hair products, which depicts a kiss between two men.

We would have thought Australians might sooner be offended by the celebrated adultery of Ashley Madison than the word “bloody,” but there you have it. The viewers have spoken.

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