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Fri, 3 Jul, 2015

The 10 most expensive cities for booking a hotel

The 10 most expensive cities for booking a hotel

Planning a trip to see Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge anytime soon? Well, you may need to shell out a little more than usual for a hotel because San Francisco has just been named the world’s most expensive city for hotel stays. The average room rate is $514 (US$397), a giant 88 per cent increase from last year.

An index compiled by Bloomberg, analysed the average daily cost of hotels for two adults in a double room in the world’s top 100 financial centres.

The huge price surge in San Francisco has been attribute to the influx in technology companies, the soaring job market, and a lack of hotel construction.

The only Australian city to make the list was, unsurprisingly, Sydney. It came in at number 20 with a hotel room costing on average $250 a night – a 12.7 per cent rise from last year.

Top 10 most expensive cities for a hotel stay in $AUD:

1. San Francisco $514

2. Geneva $378

3. Milan $351

4. Dubai $330

5. Zurich $325

6. Tel Aviv $312

7. Chicago $311

7. Miami $311

9. Los Angeles $307

10. Hong Kong $306

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