Melody Teh


Wed, 13 Jan, 2016

Man gives shivering stranger the shirt off his back

Man gives shivering stranger the shirt off his back

A man has been filmed giving the clothes off his back to a half-naked stranger shivering on the New York subway.

The video shows a man, who had stripped down to his singlet, giving the freezing passenger his T-shirt and beanie. The man then helps the visibly cold stranger put the T-shirt on.

Current temperatures in New York are freezing, with temperatures dropping below zero.

The clip was originally shared on Facebook by Lazaro Nolasco, who told New York Daily News: “It was just us on the train, the guy didn’t have a shirt on, his body looked sick.”

The video has already been viewed more than nine million times, with many comments praising the generosity and compassion of the unknown stranger. 

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