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Fri, 13 Feb, 2015

Loyal dog travels 20 blocks to reach owner in hospital

Loyal dog travels 20 blocks to reach owner in hospital

Any pet owner will understand the devastation felt when a pet disappears from the family home. It’s what happened to the Franck family when Cissy, their miniature schnauzer, went missing for four hours last Saturday.

But Cissy wasn’t running away from home. She was just trying to find her beloved owner, which led her 20 blocks away to the Medical Centre. Her owner, Nancy Franck, had been at the hospital undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer.

“We looked up and there was this dog just that was just running across the lobby,” Mercy Security Officer Samantha Conrad told KCRG.


“We started looking at the tags and it had the address and we saw how far away this dog had lived, as far as going at least 15 blocks to get here. So it was quite an amazing journey that this dog made.”

Dale Frank, Nancy’s husband, said Cissy had seemed quite anxious the past few days.

“She wanted to go see her mom,” he said. “She was on a mission but she couldn't find the right elevator to take.”

The Frank’s daughter, Sarah Wood, went to the hospital to pick up Cissy but not before visiting their mother.

“I said '’did you sneak this dog in here?'’ She said '’no, she sneaked herself in here, mom''',' Mrs Franck said.

The Frank family still don’t know how Cissy found her way to Nancy. She had never been to the hospital before but we’re guessing Cissy just knew her mum needed some cheering up. 

“That was great just being able to see her,' Mrs Franck said.  “I’m glad she thought of it.”

Image credit: KCRG-TV

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