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Tue, 26 Sep, 2017

Lisa Wilkinson celebrates 25th wedding anniversary with Peter FitzSimons

Lisa Wilkinson celebrates 25th wedding anniversary with Peter FitzSimons

Lisa Wilkinson almost quit the Today show in an attempt to save her “intense” marriage but now, her and Peter FitzSimons are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

The 57-year-old Today host shared a wedding photo on the show and recalled how “'I just about killed my bridesmaid Liz Hayes” by handing her the oversize bouquet.

60 Minutes journalist Liz Hayes was Lisa’s roommate and was the person who first introduced Lisa and Peter to each other.

Reminiscing on her wedding photo Lisa said, “You know you've been married a long time when shoulder pads are back.”

She also posted a heartfelt message for her husband in honour of the occasion.

“Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I can't spend it with Pete because we are on the road,” she said.

“I just wanted to say a very happy anniversary sweetheart. I'm sorry it's happening this way. But thank you for 25 incredible years. We still adore each other. We still challenge each other. We still love each other's company and thank you for three beautiful children. I love you.”

On Instagram, Lisa revealed she “couldn’t be more in love”.

“25 years ago today. Couldn't be more in love or grateful for the family we've built together... Happy anniversary sweetheart. ❤️ #25years #happyanniversary #anniversary, she captioned.

In August, Lisa revealed on Nine Honey’s podcast Super Mums, the secret to her marriage.

She explained that she resolved to focus on the things she likes about Peter rather than the negatives.

“You just work out the things you love about someone and you work out the things that absolutely give you the s**ts about someone … and you ignore those. You just have to,” she said. 

The couple have three children together, 23-year-old Jake, 21-year-old Louis and 19-year-old Billi.

All three of their children have moved out but the kids still visit Lisa and Peter regularly.

“They like being at home, like hanging out with their mum and dad,” Lisa explained.

“They’ve worked out how washing machines work so they’re not coming back for that. They know how washing works now … now all I have to do is train Pete.”

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