Michelle Reed


Wed, 1 Jul, 2015

LA’s stray cats are becoming the solution to the city’s rat problems

LA’s stray cats are becoming the solution to the city’s rat problems

Ferocious Los Angeles stray cats are becoming transformed into contributing members of society with the help of one forward-thinking person.

In an attempt to help businesses dispel their rat problems, LA’s Melya Kaplan came up with a solution: undomesticated strays. The system, titled Working Cats places animals into establishments. The effect is twofold: the animals that would have previously been unlikely to ever find a home are now off the streets and in a caring environment; and the businesses almost immediately find their infestation problem disappear.

"We look for unsocialised cats; we want the ones that are hissing and spitting in their cages," Kaplan told Refinery29.

Working Cats has homed over 500 cats and is now expanding into the domestic - placing would-be strays into American homes. Fortunately, even the most reluctant animals can still become friendly and domesticated in their new homes. Most are placed in pairs, for socialising purposes.

It is estimated that 7.6 million American animals enter shelters each year. Of these millions, 2.7 are euthanised. Kaplan’s program is slowly helping to reduce these numbers and is giving previously less adoptable cats a second chance at life.

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