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Tue, 24 Feb, 2015

Schoolboy finds a koala trying to drive a car

Schoolboy finds a koala trying to drive a car

A schoolboy from rural Victoria returned home yesterday to quite the surprise – a koala carjacker behind the wheel of the family Land Rover.

Sam Box, 15, had just gotten off the bus after school when he found the koala “trying to drive”.

“We see them a fair bit here but never in the car,” Sam said.

He quickly snapped photos showing the koala sitting in the driver’s seat with its paws on the steering wheel. 

Sam went on to say that he made a bit of noise so it would move on but the furry intruder was not afraid.

“It was checking me out as much as I was checking him out,” Sam said.

“I opened the door and he just got out and walked away.”

Koala Driving Car 2

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