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Joy and sadness for Mike Willesee Jr as wife Allison Langdon gives birth

Joy and sadness for Mike Willesee Jr as wife Allison Langdon gives birth

Mike Willesee Jr has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this past week. His father, media titan Mike Willesee Sr, 76, lost his battle with throat cancer on March 1.

However, Willesee Jr didn’t have a lot of time to process these emotions as his wife, Channel Nine TV host and journalist Allison Langdon gave birth barely 24 hours later.

They have named the little girl Scout Heather Willesee, who will be a little sister to the couple's now two-year-old toddler Mack James.

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Willesee Sr's funeral service was held on March 8, and it was here Willesee Jr delivered a touching eulogy to his late father.

Many well-known faces in the media attended the funeral as well, with A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, Sunday Night host Melissa Doyle and Richard Wilkins attending the congregation.

Former Nine and Seven boss David Leckie shared to The Daily Telegraph what Willesee Sr was like outside St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney:

"There has not been anyone like him since, a sharp intellect and a great instinct for a story,

"He was also a bloody funny bugger and a good mate, I'm going to miss him."

Network 10 news consultant Peter Meakin also recounted stories from the 40-plus years that Willesee and he have worked together.

A story that Meakin remembers fondly is the time that Willesee Sr was in trouble with Channel Nine boss, Kerry Packer, who was angry Willesee Sr had dared to run a story about Packer’s battles with the Australian Taxation Office.

Meakin explained: "When management told him Kerry would be after him, Mike couldn't care less. He told the bosses, 'Tell Kerry he can go ahead and sue himself'.

“That was the sort of bloke he was, he was never into the left or the right, or who was most powerful, he treated everyone the same way," Meakin said.