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Thu, 6 Aug, 2015

High-tech wedding allows sick mother to view daughter’s special day

High-tech wedding allows sick mother to view daughter’s special day

In February of this year, a young couple was selected as contest winners for The Knot Dream Wedding. After their application went virial, the pair was chosen to have the theme of “most high-tech wedding ever.” Little did they know, this would ultimately lead to the most intimate part of their nuptials.

Bride Samantha Carisch’s mother was unable to attend the wedding due to having been battling cancer for several years. As the high-tech wedding, complete with heart rate monitors, robotic bartenders and drone photographers, was live-streamed, Carisch’s mother was able to watch the event unfold live.

After having cancelled their wedding twice in order to ensure their mother’s attendance, the high-tech theme turned out to be the perfect way to share the special day.

Their mother, Kathy, was not alone in viewing. The entire event was shown to strangers the world over—strangers who also had had a say in planning the wedding. The event’s characteristics were crowd-sourced, meaning that viewers were able to choose the brides dress, hair, and makeup. Almost every aspect of the wedding was chosen by viewers, including the invitations, flowers, and honeymoon location.

Despite the lack of control, Carisch was ecstatic about the outcome: "It might seem a little strange to some people, but we couldn't be happier," Carisch said. "My mom was able to be a part of the entire process comfortably. That was always the most important thing."

Photo source: Jasmine Star

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