Melody Teh


Tue, 18 Aug, 2015

Retired great-grandma feeds less-fortunate kids

Retired great-grandma feeds less-fortunate kids

It’s summer holidays in the US and for many kids it’s a time for fun and frivolity. But for low-income children, who receive free or cheap meals at school, it often mean going hungry.

But one great-grandmother is not letting that happen: 73-year-old Phyllis Shaughnessy has spent every weekday of the holidays handing out homemade lunches to these kids.

"We're all put on this Earth to do something," Shaughnessy told King 5. "Better to give than to take."

Shaughnessy established this program, called Green Lantern Lunches, when she discovered the grant that has previously given children summer lunches was not reaching as many students as needed.

“They couldn't get the kids to where they needed to be,” she said.

So Shaughnessy, along with her group of volunteers, decided to bring lunches directly to the. The organisation currently puts together 200 lunches a day, and has almost made 7,000 meals this summer.

With the program set to end when school starts in September, Green Lantern Lunches hopes to expand their program into the school year by providing a weekend lunch program in the area. 

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