Wed, 8 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Grant Denyer finally addresses those pregnancy rumours

Grant Denyer finally addresses those pregnancy rumours

Grant Denyer has increased speculation that another baby is on the cards for him and wife Cheryl during Wednesday’s 2DayFM breakfast show.

During the ‘Truth Booth’ segment, a listener called in to Em, Grant and Ed to ask if Grant’s family would be growing anytime soon.

After stalling to avoid the question, Grant finally confessed that he has a feeling twins will be in their future.

"I don't know if we've completely closed the door. Exactly …" Grant said in response to the question, after prompting from his co-hosts.

"We have about 17 sets of twins in our extended family tree and it's been a while since we've had some, so I have this deep down feeling it's gonna be twins."

Rumours of a new baby for the couple exploded after the TV and radio host pointed at his wife’s belly on the Logies red carpet.

Speculation increased even more after Cheryl gave a sly hint during an interview with Woman’s Day.

She admitted they were heading off on a romantic holiday to Mauritius to spend some time together before the family grows bigger.

"The girls would be great big sisters – they're very keen for us to have another child. They'd love a little boy!" she said.

While the couple may be feeling clucky, Grant previously revealed how he gets annoyed when people ask if he wants another child just so he can have a boy.

“What offends me is when people go, and I’ve had this quite a few times, ‘Ahh you’ve got two girls, clearly you want to go for a boy,’ like you wouldn’t be happy with two girls,” he explained.

“I adore my two girls and I don’t need anymore in my life,” he continued.

“They are the loves of my life and they’re daddy’s girls. We don’t feel like there’s anything missing.”

Grant has revealed how the gender shaming of his two girls, Sailor, 6, and Scout, 2, has impacted him.

“I had a guy come to me when Sailor was born and he goes, ‘So you had a girl first, are you a bit disappointed it wasn’t a boy, like you must want an heir?’

“But I’m not currently the head of a royal family,” Grant said.

“I was so angry. We’d managed to bring a human into the world who we loved more than anything, like how can you be disappointed?”