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Fri, 26 Jun, 2015

Glenroy grannies hang up netball bibs after four decades on the court

Glenroy grannies hang up netball bibs after four decades on the court

When a team of friends formed a netball team in 1970, little did they know it would take them on a 45-year journey that would see them play in five different Masters Games across Australia. Their heroic run included a gold-medal win, as well as several trips to Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore and the Cook Islands.

The Glenroy Grannies, whose original members consist of Maree Wilson, 72, Lorraine Castledine, 70, Fay Merson, 71, and Beryl Paterson, 72, haven’t missed a season since they formed. But with 32 children, 65 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren between them, they’re deciding to call it a day.

“We’re too old to be knocked down by 20-year-olds,” said 72-year-old Beryl Paterson.

“Once you sort of get over 70, that’s when your body tells you, ‘I think you’re doing the wrong thing’.”

Mrs Paterson said although she hates the thought of retiring, she knows her team will still catch up regularly.

“I think it’s the friendship that’s kept us together,” she said.

Broadmeadows Netball Association secretary Karen Albon said the Glenroy Grannies was an inspiration to young players.

“Some of them have been playing for close on 50 years – it’s amazing,” Ms Albon said.

“They really went out on a high.”

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