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Mon, 30 Mar, 2015

Art that is only visible when it rains

Art that is only visible when it rains

Seattle-based street artist, Peregrine Church, knows a rainy day can sour one's mood so he decided to create artwork that only appears in the rain.

“Rainworks are pieces of street art that only appear when they're wet and they're messages or images designed to make people's rainy day a little bit brighter,” Church said in a YouTube video.

From playful images of childhood hopscotch days to inspiring quotes to life one’s mood, Church’s artworks are bringing a smile to people's faces on a rainy day. 

And others are cheeky.

"I'm hoping putting a positive or clever message or something beautiful on the sidewalk that wasn't there yesterday will take [people] out of their routine and make them feel a positive emotion," Church said.

Since May 2014, Church has been using what's called a biodegradable superhydrophobic coating to stencil his work.

Image credits: Rainworks Facebook

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