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Thu, 21 Jan, 2016

Can you find the cat hiding in this kitchen?

Can you find the cat hiding in this kitchen?

This cat obviously spent one of his nine lives as an illusionist.

Now that you've found pandas, spotted owls and discovered sheep hiding in plain sight it’s time to prepare your eyes for a real challenge.

See if you can find Pedro in the picture of this cluttered kitchen:

Spot The Cat Two

Need a hint? To be fair, we did.

Here’s Pedro’s hiding spot from a different perspective:

Spot The Cat Three (1)

As we can see Pedro’s hidden in plain sight. There's his little ear! 

Spot The Cat Four

Pedro’s owners originally posted this snap on Bored Panda with the caption, “If you have a cat or two or even more, you might know that cats have the ability to disappear whenever they want – like ninjas.”

We couldn’t agree more! Nice work Pedro, you sneaky little cat! 

Spot The Cat Fiev

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